While we love helping our clients design their dreams,
we also love being inspired by innovative talented jewelry designers.

That’s why we choose to support our most favorite ones; as well as carrying lines of classic styles. Terri is constantly on the look
for new designers that she feels compliments our own style and high expectations for quality and service.

Our collections include

A beautiful gown, a red rose, somethings never go out of style. Pearls have been admired and have adorned women since before recorded history. From necklaces to earring and rings, they are considered a basic part of any woman’s jewelry collection. Keeping this tradition alive, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of Honora’s beautiful pearl jewelry.

One reason we love pearls is that they are perhaps the single most sustainable and environmentally-friendly piece of jewelry that you can own. That’s why we partnered with Honora, a company with over 70 years’ experience sourcing the finest freshwater pearls and designing breathtaking jewelry. They are the largest importer of fine freshwater pearls in the United States and use these astounding cultured pearls to create colorful, spectacular, and affordable pearl jewelry.

From the beach to the fanciest festivity and everywhere in-between, Lafonn adds glamor and couture style to your experience. The latest fashions are now at your fingertips and within reach of your pocketbook.
Designed for those that wish to maximize their style without the expense or risk of losing a precious heirloom piece, Lafonn offers extravagant expertly crafted designs in sterling silver, handset with the world’s finest simulated diamonds. Unsurpassed quality and dazzling perfection are the foundations of Lafonn’s brilliance and fire.
As a design house and manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in the art of fine jewelry, Lafonn is proud to offer our collection of couture sterling silver jewelry. The moment you touch and handle our jewelry, you will experience the difference.

John Medeiros is a local artist in the jewelry industry. After coming to America at the age of nine, Mr. Medeiros entered the manufacturing world working with precious metals after school. As his expertise grew, he established Tahoe Jewelry in 1985, providing the precious metals jewelry industry and prominent designers with intricate polishing and stone setting services. Influenced by the skilled and talented artisans of the Renaissance, Mr. Medeiros had the vision to produce beautiful, high-quality products that are both affordable and timeless, which lead to the launch of The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection in 2000.

The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection is American made, from the original design to a crafted piece, on-site in East Providence, RI. With hand carved detailing, Mr. Medeiros implemented the same craftsmanship and engineering techniques used in the high end, precious metals jewelry industry. By utilizing rhodium and 14Kt gold overlay and accenting with cubic zirconium, his vision of providing consumers with high quality, affordable, jewelry has become the mission of this company. The original design of The John Medeiros Jewelry Collection has been widely accepted and celebrated since its release. The basis of company’s success is the founding belief that high quality, handmade, and intricate jewelry should be accessible to and enjoyed by all. This sophisticated product comes with a reliable quality assurance program for consumers.

One of the great pleasures of being an independent jeweler is finding and sharing talented designers. We’re excited to share a very gifted individual – jewelry designer Sara Blaine.

Sara Blaine Jewelry is elegance meets color meets quality. Jewelry-wearing is not just an accessory to Sara, but a statement. Sara is in tune with the importance of a personal sense of style and has created a jewelry line successfully reaching all types of women. Many of Sara’s designs are inspired by natural floral patterns. This, along with her unique mixture of stone colors creates a solid piece to be worn on Special occasions or Everyday events. She truly strives to make jewelry wearing an art form.

The idea behind Sara Blaine Jewelry has always been to create beautiful jewelry using the best quality stones. Sara has successfully found the happy medium between “the trend” and a timelessly elegant piece. Her ability to mix unique colors on the stone color pallet sets her apart from other high-end jewelry designers.

We hope you like Sara Blaine’s beautiful collection, we know that we do.

Originally from the southeastern part of France, award-winning designer Frederic Duclos has been making stunning, fashionable jewelry since 1984. At a recent show, Terri fell in love with this line, and the response from our clients echoes her enthusiasm. Frederic primarily works in silver, designing the jewelry with the individual in mind.

“As I design a piece of jewelry, I envision a woman wearing it. Her face, silhouette, and personality reflect the statement I am trying to achieve. My goal is the capture the fundamental qualities of a woman’s features and compliments them with refined embellishments. The best tribute I receive is when I meet a woman who is wearing one of my creations. I constantly strive to create beautiful objects for individual enjoyment.” – Fredric Duclos

We’re excited to add Fredric’s creations to our collection and hope that you will be too.