You might have noticed that we call ourselves a ‘Jewel in your neighborhood.’

Well, here’s why. We are the only B2C manufacturing jeweler in the Atlanta metro area that can do everything;
from simple repairs to casting amazing wearable art in Platinum. When you combine our years
of experience, ground in old-world craftsmanship, our obsession with cutting edge technology;
the fact is, we are the unique in the metro Atlanta area. And we’re right here, in your backyard.

We offer a comprehensive suite of repair capabilities. Whether it is restringing pearls, sizing rings, resetting a
diamond or laser soldering a fine gold chain, we do it all with great precision and care.
Our talented team of jewelers, led by Izzy, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to you.

Our Services Include

At Atlanta Diamond Design we believe being self-reliant is of utmost importance.  That is why you can rest assured that when you bring in your jewelry, almost all repairs are done in-house by our very own jewelers.  You can drop off your repair and sleep comfortably knowing that your jewelry will never leave our hands.

While You Wait Jewelry Repair

A significant benefit from our self-reliance is the ability to offer “while you wait” jewelry repair.  We understand that some jewelry is just too precious to leave your sight.  With a “while you wait” repair your lovely piece of jewelry will never have to leave you, and you can watch the jeweler work on your jewelry from start to finish.

Please call us at 770.751.9555 to schedule and appointment for a “While You Wait” repair.

Our services include:

  • Ring Sizing: Silver, Gold, and Platinum; no metal is too noble for our tender ministrations. Whether sizing up or down, installing ring guards or speed bumps, we will make sure that your ring fits you the way that it should.
  • Missing Stones: Unfortunately, diamonds and gemstones do fall out of jewelry, and unless you are very lucky, they will be gone forever. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can be traumatic. We can help by assisting you in finding replacements and ensuring that the structural integrity of your jewelry is where it needs to be.
  • Re-tipping Prongs: Though it may seem shocking, the prongs on your ring (the thin tips of metal that hold your center stone in place) do wear down over time. When this happens, new metal must be added to ensure the structural stability of the ring. Re-tipping the prongs ensures that your center stone will be secure for a long time to come.
  • Broken or Damaged Jewelry: Rings slammed in a door, a diamond earring that fell into a garbage disposal, you be amazed at the stories we hear. Regardless how it happens, there’s a common question in every one of them; can you fix it for me? The answer is almost always yes. If the repair is straightforward, so is our reply. In cases where the damage is so severe that repair isn’t an option, we can help rebuilt or transform the piece. Either way, we can help you preserve the jewelry that has meant so much to you.
  • Pearl Restringing: You might have noticed that your necklace has gotten a bit longer and that your pearls are snug anymore. Gravity and wear cause the string holding the necklace together to stretch, creating this effect. The solution is to disassemble the necklace and put it back together with fresh string.
  • The list goes on and on: From tangled necklaces to rings worn thin with age, we have seen it all. If there’s an issue that you’re facing related to jewelry, we can almost certainly help! Give us a call, shoot us an email, or see us at either location. We’re here to help put your jewelry back where it belongs, on you.

Restore, Renew, Rejuvenate.

It’s not just you that needs the occasional spa day. The sad fact is that jewelry, like anything worn every day eventually, gets damaged by the vagaries of life. Bumping into things, the little nicks and scratches, it all adds up over time.

To help you keep your jewelry as beautiful as the day you received it, we’ve created a service to bring it back to its former glory. First, we start with a detailed inspection of the piece by Izzy or one of our other highly skilled jewelers. One of the benefits of working with Atlanta Diamond Design is that, as seasoned artisan jewelers, we can tell what condition your jewelry is in and if there is anything that might be happening in the future that would cause alarm; letting you know well ahead of time if it needs some additional TLC. Then, we do a deep cleaning that takes over 24 hours to complete. We remove all the dirt, soap, and organic matter that accumulates over the course of normal wear. Think of it like exfoliating treatment for your jewelry.

A fact of life is that we meet people on an almost weekly basis who have had a center stone fall out of their jewelry. It’s a sad and potentially costly moment when that occurs. If we had our dithers, no one would ever experience that loss. That’s why after a thorough cleaning, we check to make sure all the diamonds and other gemstones are secure. We tighten them if needed and let you know if more substantial repair work is required to keep it in good condition.

When everything is clean and secure, we bring the metal back to life with massaging polishing, removing the little scratches that accrue over time. For white gold pieces, we then give it a Rhodium bath, restoring its white luster back to the day it was new. Once it has a mirror like finish, it’s ready to return to you, as good as the day it was new.

We offer two versions of this service:

  • Back to Factory Specs Service: This is a one-time service that includes all of the above treatments. Prices for this service begin at just $50, though costs will be higher for more ornate jewelry due to the complexity of the services and materials required.
  • Lifetime Back to Factory Specs: This is a one-time fee for annual servicing of including all the above treatments. Prices for the lifetime option start at $99, though costs will be higher for more ornate jewelry due to the complexity of the services and materials required. The lifetime program is a perfect option for those with white gold jewelry, as the costs would have paid for themselves by the second year or those who wear their jewelry regularly and engage in an active lifestyle.

(Disclaimer: This program does not cover damage to the jewelry or other needed repairs)

Watches, where form means function.

They are a definitive part of someone’s personal style and daily life. In fact, watches are one of Izzy and Dan’s secret (or not so secret) obsessions. We service all kinds of watches, from sentimental favorites to luxury brands. Our services include:

  • Batteries: On average, watch batteries last for just over a year. We offer battery replacements for most watches with a variety of plans based on your needs. We work on pop-backs, screw-backs, and chronographs. In many cases, we can perform this service while you wait.
    • 1-Year Program: We will change your battery, and if it needs replacement in that time, we will do so free of charge.
    • 3-Year Program: Any time during the next three years, when your battery needs replacing; simply come in, and we will replace it for free.
    • Lifetime Program: You’ll never pay for another battery! While we can’t make them last longer than currently battery technology allows for, we can take away the pain of having to spend money each time you need to replace them.
  • Luxury Brand Battery Replacement: We perform watch battery servicing for luxury brand watches. Due to the complex nature of the movement and required seals to ensure water resistance, this service takes several weeks to complete.
  • Watch Band Adjustments: Not only are we able to adjust watch bands to a perfect fit, but we also stock a wide variety of replacement watch bands. For specialty brands, we will order the band for you, replace and size it to your wrist.
  • Inspection and Cleaning: It’s not only jewelry that needs the occasional deep cleaning. We are experts at disassembling and deep cleaning. This service often requires several days to complete to remove the dust, dirt, and organic matter.
  • Watch Repairs and Servicing: If you watch stops a rocking, you should come a knocking. We perform service and repairs on most watches. It doesn’t matter if the issue is a routine tune-up, known as a COS (Clean Oil & Service), or a watch with a frozen movement; we can help you. We will provide you an estimate before any repairs being, so you’ll know what the exact issue and cost are before making a decision on how to proceed.

$75.00 Appraisals with Photo

At Atlanta Diamond Design, jewelry appraisals are handled by our gifted master jeweler. Before beginning the appraisal, we have your jewelry inspected and cleaned. The gemstones are then exactingly measured and graded; the specifications of the metals are noted, and a detailed description of the jewelry completed with current a current photograph. Then we research the current market rates and provide you with an up-to-date valuation of your jewelry.

Our standard practice is to gather this information while you wait, complete our research, prepare the appraisal, and then mail it to you. Due to the volume of appraisals that we prepare, our turnaround time is typically five business days.

What should you bring with you for the appraisal:

  • Sales receipts
  • Warranties
  • Diamond or gemstone certificates from GIA, etc.
  • Old Insurance summaries listing the jewelry
  • Old appraisals
  • Letters or other documentation with facts relating to the jewelry or its history.

Something to keep in mind:

While your jewelry may have immeasurable personal value, the replacement value of it does fluctuate over time. Because silver, gold, platinum, and diamonds are commodity items that change with the market; the standard recommendation is that you have your jewelry reappraised every five years to account for these changes.

Schedule an Appointment:

Call us at 770.751.9555, and we will be glad to schedule an appointment for you today.

Jewelry loves the light of day.

Ok, maybe that sounds like a bit of a cliché, but if you find that yours isn’t getting enough vitamin D, it might be time to do something with it. As a manufacturing jeweler, we actively buy silver, gold, platinum, and diamonds to use in our future projects or a project of your very own. If you find your jewelry isn’t getting the attention it deserves, we can help you explore some options, including:

  • Trading-In: You might be surprised to know that you can trade your older pieces in towards something that suits you better. As part of the Atlanta Diamond Rewards Program, we offer all of our clients a minimum of 120% of the ‘material value’ of their jewelry towards future purchases. You don’t even have to pick something out that day; we’ll apply a credit towards your account, to use when you’re ready. Something else that is extremely popular is using your old jewelry towards the creation of a unique piece that we design with you, for you.
  • Selling: Another option is to sell your jewelry for its ‘material value.’ If that’s the right option for you, we can write you a check on the spot. That way you can use the money for other important areas of your life.

Material value

You might have noticed that we keep referring to ‘material value.’ That’s because when you sell jewelry, what you are receiving is the scrap value of the metal or diamonds. Because we want you to be informed consumers, it’s important that you are aware that this will always be dramatically lower than the ‘insured value.’ The discrepancy is due to the fact to the metals and stones are commodity materials with a set, though fluctuating, price. What gets lost in this process is the value of the expertise, skill, and labor required to create the artful form that your jewelry takes. If you don’t feel that trading or selling would give you the value you want, another option would be:

  • Consigning: We’ll evaluate your jewelry and let you know if we believe that we could sell it, on your behalf. Our discussion would include an honest appraisal of what we assess the ‘retail value’ of the piece to be. Our commission for consigned jewelry is typically 40% of the retail value and includes a thorough servicing to ensure that it meets the high-quality standards that we have set for ourselves. You should be aware that consignment sales don’t often happen quickly. It takes the right person, coming at the right time, and falling in love with your jewelry. While we have seen some pieces sell within a few days, we have also seen pieces take years to find new homes. So, if time is not of the essence; this could be a good option for you.

Gold and silver sales

If you’ve ever thought of buying gold or silver bullion as an investment or hedge against inflation, we can help you obtain it. Call us or come in, we’ll provide you an estimate, and if you’re ready to take the plunge; will order it for you. You’ll have it in your hand within a few days, secure in the knowledge that regardless of what happens to the dollar; you will own history’s most consistent asset of value.

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