Jewelry Services We Offer

Jewelry Repair


Whether you need a simple chain repair or a complicated ring repair our talented team of jewelers will be able to repair your broken jewelry.

Laser Welding

For very complex soldering and welding work we use a state of the art laser welding machine to help us complete the toughest jobs. With this machine we are able to weld almost any metal together including platinum.

Hand Engraving

Our talented hand engravers are able to custom engrave anything you may need. Some examples of what we can do include:
Baby cups, monograms, custom gun engraving, cuff links, and tie tacks.

Stone Setting

With over 80 years of combined experience, our jewelers are ready to set your stones. No job is too large or too small for us at Atlanta Diamond Design. We can even set your stones while you wait, while you watch.


It is important to make sure your rings are properly fit. As we age our knuckles grow, and as the seasons change our fingers expand or contract. If your rings are too loose the ring is in danger of falling off, if your ring is too tight your finger will swell and lose circulation. We can measure you and fit your properly at any of our locations.

Watch Repair

Watch Battery

We have over 50 kinds of watch batters in both of our locations. If your watch takes a lithium-ion battery chances are we have it. Don't let your watch sit around with a dead battery that will corrode, bring it to us and we can get it ticking again while you wait.

Watch Band Sizing

Sometimes your watch doesn't quite fit right or you just bought a new watch and need to take some links out to make it right. We have all the tools in both our locations to help you get the perfect fit for your watch.

Watch Reconstruction

Know as Clean Disassemble and Service (CDS), this service will keep your high end Swiss movements ticking. Mechanical watches need to be cleaned and re-oiled roughly every 5 years. Keep your high end mechanical watches running smoothly.

Water Resist

If you have an expensive watch it is important to get it checked for water resistance. If you just do a battery replacement there is no guarantee the watch is water resistant. Let us replace your batteries and check for water resistance all at once.

Watch Band and Pins

If your watch band is looking worn and tattered it may be time to replace it. We have a varied selection of leather watch bands to choose from in both of our locations. If your watch band is loose then new pins may be in order. If you are having an issue with your watch come in and see us, and assessment is always complimentary.

Jewelry Restoration

Back to Factory Specs

Keep your jewelry as beautiful as the day you received it! Our Back to Factory Specifications program includes stone checking, stone tightening, polishing, and rhodium plating (also known as dipping). As jewelry ages they get scratched, dented, and worn out. Leave it with us so we can bring your jewelry back to life and make sure your diamonds are set securely.

Prong Reconstruction

Prongs are functionally the most important part of your jewelry. As your jewelry ages the prongs wear down and over time lose their ability to hold your diamonds and gemstones in their setting. Checking prongs is always a complimentary service we provide and we will let you know if anything needs to be addressed.

New Shank

Old shanks that are too thin from wear and tear will crack and bend. If your ring is aging and the shank is getting to thin, we can remove it and put a new shank on your cherished ring so you will be able to wear it for many more years.

Channel Reconstruction

One of the toughest repairs in our industry. Channel repair on rings and jewelry is a long arduous process. Using the laser machine we are able to weld extra metal using pinpoint precision and build up the channels in your jewelry to keep your diamonds safe.

Head Replacement

Structurally the most important part of your jewelry, the head holding the diamond can get damaged over time. After a certain amount of damage is sustained, it is important to replace the head holding your diamond to make sure the diamond is not lost. The saddest repair we have to deal with is a diamond replacement, let us make sure that doesn't happen to you.


$75.00 Appraisals with Photo

At Atlanta Diamond Design, jewelry appraisals are handled by our gifted master jeweler. Before beginning the appraisal, we have your jewelry inspected and cleaned. The gemstones are then precisely measured and graded; the specifications of the metals are noted, and a detailed description of the jewelry and complete with current a current photograph. Then we research the current market rates and provide you with an up-to-date valuation of your jewelry.

Our standard practice is to gather this information while you wait, complete our research, prepare the appraisal, and then mail it to you. Due to the volume of appraisals that we prepare, our turnaround time is typically five business days.

What should you bring with you for the appraisal:

  • Sales receipts
  • Warranties
  • Diamond or gemstone certificates from GIA, etc.
  • Old Insurance summaries listing the jewelry
  • Old appraisals
  • Letters or other documentation with facts relating to the jewelry or its history.

Something to keep in mind:

While your jewelry may have immeasurable personal value, the replacement value of it does fluctuate over time. Because silver, gold, platinum, and diamonds are commodity items that change with the market; the standard recommendation is that you have your jewelry reappraised every three to five years to account for these changes.

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Custom Jewelry Design

At bottom every man knows well enough that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Make your gift as unique as unique as the person who is receiving it.  At Atlanta Diamond Design we pride ourselves on creating “Life’s Lasting Memories”.  By combining new-world technologies with old-world craftsmanship we are able to make anything your heart may desire.