When Jewelry Becomes Even More Precious

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When Jewelry Becomes Even More Precious. The importance of jewelry for aging parents. We all know that jewelry holds a special place in our lives. Its value takes on a life of its own, far more than the precious metals and stones that hold its form. A wedding ring wore thin with love and [...]

What to Do When Your Ring Doesn’t Fit Anymore, Part 1

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What to Do When Your Ring Doesn't Fit Anymore, Part 1 Have you ever wondered why rings are perfectly round, but our fingers aren’t? To be honest, we don’t have an answer to that; well, ok we do. It’s because perfect circles are easier to manufacture, but it does create issues for all of [...]

Keeping Your Earrings Where They Belong

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“About ten years ago, I gave my mother a pair of beautiful pair of diamond earrings, with screw back posts for protection. We always recommend our clients do this because there’s no worse feeling than realizing that you’ve lost one of your prized pieces of jewelry. Well, imagine my surprise a few years later when [...]