Art of the Craft – Diamond Earrings

Classic. Beautiful. Artfully made.

Diamond earrings are a definitive part of a woman’s jewelry wardrobe.

Each of the diamonds in this set weigh an impressive 1.25 carats. With diamonds this large, they become the focal point and simple stud posts allow the eye to be drawn to the diamonds and the person wearing them.

Did you notice the earring posts in the picture above this box?

Why is there so little metal?

One simple word. Light

Be it pearls or diamonds or even other gemstones, stud earrings are meant to drawn focus to the center stone. The higher the quality of the stone, the more attention you want to draw to it. With diamonds, especially round ideal cuts like these, light is the most important attribute.

Fine jewelry, like fine food, begins with the highest quality ingredients. The ingredients before you include 18kt white gold Protektor back studs, two 1.25 carat round diamonds, and highly skilled craftsmanship.

The craftsmanship and the art thereof is integral yet almost never seen. We start with the ‘anything but basic’ ingredients, the diamonds, and studs waiting to be mounted.

If you read our recent blog post ‘Keeping Your Earring Where They Belong’, you’ll know why we recommend Protektor back studs.

As for the qualities of the diamonds, that is a matter of personal choice. Only you can know what is best for you, but we can help to advise you so that you can have the confidence of a master jeweler backing you.

While setting the diamonds might look simple, don’t be fooled by the seemingly effortless nature of the task. It’s only the skill of our jeweler that makes it appear so. The setting must be exceedingly precise to ensure that a maximum of light enters the stone, if it is not, even the highest quality diamond will seem flat and lifeless.

  • First, the diamond is placed and centered in the setting.
  • Second, the prongs are tightened.
  • Lastly, the prongs are polished down and rounded off to ensure both the security of the diamond, but also that nothing will catch on the setting.

Why choose studs for diamonds this large?

There are any number of styles of earrings available. Why are studs a good option here?

Studs offer a simple, but elegant style that highlights both the quality of the stone and the individual wearing them.

Subtle, yet eye catching. Understated, yet a statement piece. The slightest tilt of the head or even change to the angle of light will cause the diamonds to come to life. The eye is naturally drawn to movement, and so will be drawn to the earring and you.


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